Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aztech 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

Aztech has launched its 3G mobile broadband wireless router HW550-3G at a very affordable price of $99 with 2 years warranty. This beats the pricings of other 3G wireless routers.

In addition, it is a 4 port wireless N (300Mbps) router with print and storage servers function. Even though it supports WPA2, it is not Wi-Fi certified. I've tested it working with Huawei E169 and E220 USB modems. You can even use a USB hub to connect a printer and 3G modem together.

You can change password, upgrade firmware and it has the important features and good to have features. But, MAC address filtering is only partially configurable with the latest firmware 201.106.1-032.

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