Monday, September 21, 2009

Using Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

After testing this mobile phone for a few days, I found the following issues for the latest firmware DZIA5 :
  1. Sometimes, the phone will turn itself off automatically in standby mode even when the battery is not empty.
  2. The first letter in a sentence is not capitalized when you create a text message even though the setting under keyboard input is correct.
  3. Each time you change from default dynamic to static ip address or vice versa, the Wi-Fi setting in Wireless Manager will disappear until you restart the phone.
  4. The default setting for USB to PC in Start > Settings > Connections is checked to "Enable advanced network functionality" will revert back to checked even if you unchecked it.
  5. The default setting for USB Connection Mode is ActiveSync will revert back to ActiveSync even if you choose Mass storage.

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