Thursday, May 5, 2011

TP-Link TL-PA201 200Mbps HomePlug Powerline Network/Ethernet Adapter

Bought 2 of these TP-Link adapters TL-PA201 for use. Found out the Pair & Reset buttons on both powerline adapters don't work as documented in the manual.

If you touch Pair or Reset button, PLC LED won't light up anymore. To resolve this issue, you'll need to download and install WinPcap_4_1_1.exe and Powerline utility setup.exe on a computer connected to one powerline adapter.

As shown under Privacy tab, change "Unknown Networkname" under Private Network Name to a different name eg HomeTech and click Set Local Device Only. Don't use the default HomePlugAV since its network type is Public. It will be more secure to set network type as Private. You'll see the PLC LED on the adapter lights up. Repeat the same procedures for the other adapter.

On the QoS tab, you can choose the type of traffic.

On the Diagnostics tab, you can check the current firmware which is INT6400-MAC-4-1-4102-00-3679-20090724-FINAL-C.

The lights on all LEDs (PWR, PLC & ETH) should be up even with one powerline adapter switched on & connected to network. After 20s, PLC LED will turn off if it can't communicate with another adapter due to power saving.

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Ryan Garner said...

Thank you so much! This post ended hours of frustration after purchasing TP-Link AV200 home plugs. Cannot believe I have to rely on good folk like you to post instructions on a blog rather than TP-LInk including it in the set-up manual.