Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shiro DSL805EU

My customer's ADSL modem just died today. At one shop, the replacement options are

  • Shiro DSL805EU ($59) - ADSL modem & router
  • Linksys AM300 ($69) - ADSL modem
Shiro also has another model DSL805E - ADSL modem but this is not available. I was thinking of getting the cheaper option - Shiro but I need to confirm whether it will work with another wireless router. Both the sales and support staff confirmed that it will not work if there is another router in the network. As I know you can configure a router to act as a bridge, I went ahead and bought the Shiro.

After logging into the router, I managed to configure it to act as a bridge and it worked with the Linksys wireless router. That goes to show that whatever the sales or support staff says may not be entirely true.

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