Monday, October 15, 2007

TrackSweep Not Working in Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Plus

The default settings for TrackSweep are off but even if you turn them on, it will be turned off the next time you open Ad-Aware 2007 Plus. This makes me wonder whether it really works.


Jona said...

Tracksweep in Ad-Aware does work.

To use Tracksweep, you need to check the options you want to clean, close your browser and then press the 'Clean' button.

(If using it in Ad-Watch, the browsers will be cleaned automatically when they are closed, according to the settings you choose. Settings are saved after Ad-Watch is closed)

Note, since the browsers load their cache/cookies/etc into memory and tracksweep cleans these traces from the harddrive, you need to close the browsers.
Otherwise the browser just resets the data on the HD.

It is true that the Tracksweep settings are not saved after Ad-Aware restarts. The reason for this is that the user shouldn't clean his system unawares. It should be a deliberate action.

acs said...

The settings for TrackSweep in Ad-Watch are to clean everything automatically. I did a simple test with Firefox After closing and opening Firefox, the history URLs are still there.