Friday, February 1, 2008

Testing Nokia Maps on Symbian OS Mobile Phone with Bluetooth GPS

Since I have a Nokia E65 running Symbian OS S60 3rd edition, I decide to test it with Nokia Maps & Holux GPSlim240 bluetooth GPS.
  1. Download Nokia Maps on PC & transfer to microSD card of Nokia phone.
  2. Install nokia_maps_1_0_s60_3rd_ed.sis on Nokia phone.
  3. Select Menu -> Installations -> Maps.
  4. Select Options -> Settings -> Network, change Use network to Never so that you won't incur GPRS charges.
  5. Select Exit & Yes.
  6. Download Microsoft .Net Framework 3 & Nokia MapLoader on PC.
  7. Install dotnetfx3.exe & MapLoaderSetup.exe on PC.
  8. Connect Nokia phone to PC using data transfer mode.
  9. Ensure PC is connected to Internet.
  10. Run Maploader and follow instructions to upgrade MapLoader from version 1.1 to 1.3.
  11. Run Maploader.
  12. Choose maps & voices to download which will automatically transfer to microSD card of Nokia phone. (Singapore - 2.6MB, Malaysia - 14.8MB, Australia - 104.1MB, Netherlands - 73.8MB, Germany - 320.1MB)
  13. Select your country on the map shown and select Options -> Use this place.
  14. You can zoom in & out using * & # respectively.
If you don't have a GPS, you can still see turn by turn instructions or simulate a route from A to B with voice navigation and find place using address, keyword search for building names or nearby.

But, even with a GPS, you still need to purchase the navigation feature before you can add navigation for turn by turn voice instructions. I can test the connectivity between phone & GPS using bluetooth and obtain the GPS fix after several minutes. You can see the GPS status as well as current location.

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