Sunday, May 4, 2008

Creating a Bootable Microsoft Windows XP with SP3 CD

You don't have to wait for the announcement from Microsoft for non-subscribers. Windows XP SP3 is officially available. After download, rename the file to xpsp3.exe. Follow the steps below to slipstream SP3 and create a bootable Windows XP with SP3 CD.
  1. Copy your XP CD contents to c:\xp
  1. Extract SP3 into c:\sp3
xpsp3 -x:c:\sp3
  1. Combine XP with SP3
update -s:c:\xp

  1. Create a bootable XP with SP3 ISO image using nLite 1.4.5 beta 2 with c:\xp. You don't have to remove or add anything.
  1. Burn the image to a CD using any CD burning software.
Tested installing the above CD on my Eee PC without the need to enter product key during setup and it worked without any problem. But, you still need to activate with a product key within 30 days otherwise you won't be able to logon.

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