Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Comparing Opera Mobile Browser With Nokia S60 Browser

I tested Opera Mobile browser version 8.65 on my Qtek 9100 running Windows Mobile 5 Professional and Nokia browser on my Nokia E51 running Symbian OS 9.2 S60 Release 3.1. Both browsers do not support Sun Java Runtime Environment and Adobe Flash Player which is a pity.

Opera Mobile browser
  1. Can clear history, cookies & cache
  2. Can switch between portrait and landscape screen
  3. Enable JavaScript
  4. Block pop-ups
  5. Enable security protocols SSL 2, SSL 3 & TLS 1
  6. Support drag and scroll
  7. Can be installed in memory card
Nokia browser
  1. Can clear privacy data such as cache, cookies, history & form/password data
  2. Can rotate screen
  3. Support Java/ECMA script
  4. Block pop-ups
  5. Turn on mini map for faster browsing

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