Thursday, March 5, 2009

i-mate JAMA 101 Battery Recall

Dubai-based i-mate has issued the following recall on the battery for JAMA 101 Mobile Phone:

Product Info:
Sold between April 2008 and January 2009 with i-mate JAMA handsets or as accessories for i-mate JAMA 101. Affected batteries can be identified by the model name "i-mate JAMA" printed in blue on the battery label. Batteries that also have "i-mate Jama 101" printed on the label are not affected. Sold via general consumer electronic and mobile telephone outlets including Dick Smith Pty Ltd.

Defect Details: Under certain conditions the batteries have the potential to generate excessive heat. In extreme circumstances this may damage the battery and/or the device, and have the potential to cause fire.

Consumer action: Refrain from charging battery until replacement arrives. Send an email to Your email must include the following information: your name, address, contact phone number, the IEC P/N and Serial number of the battery, and the IMEI number of your i-mate JAMA mobile. Upon receipt and verification of the email your replacement battery will be immediately mailed out to you along with a reply paid satchel. Please return your affected battery to i-mate in the reply paid satchel.

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