Monday, August 24, 2009

Problems with Blogger

Ever since after the Taiwan typhoon which caused the underseas internet cable damage, I'm unable to see the toolbar when posting. Upon checking online, I'm not the only person having this issue. Pressing Ctrl-F5 will bring back the toolbar but when you try to add image, it won't appear in my post.

After investigation, I found the problem lies with the DNS servers of my ISP. Since they can't resolve the problem, I decided to switch to openDNS. You can use the following DNS server addresses:
  1. Primary/Preferred DNS server :
  2. Secondary/Alternate DNS server :
If you're using a 3G USB modem to connect to Internet, you can't change your DNS server addresses since they're assigned automatically. The solution is to use a 3G wireless router. You can either assign the DNS server addresses in the router configuration or in the network configuration of your PC.

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