Saturday, July 23, 2011

MeeGo v1.2 for Netbook

MeeGo is a mobile computing platform resulted from the collaboration of Intel and Nokia. I downloaded MeeGo v1.2 for Netbook and was impressed by the OS.

There is no need to install to test MeeGo. All you need is a 1GB flash drive and Intel Atom based netbook. The instructions are easy to follow.

The bootup is fast and you can access Chromium browser. Unlike Android tablet, I am amazed that 3G USB modem and Adobe flash player work out of the box in MeeGo. Realtek RTL8191SE Wi-Fi chipset is not supported but EnGenius EUB-9703 USB Wi-Fi adapter works. MeeGo also supports any USB flash drives or mouse.
Also, MeeGo will prompt you if there is any software update.

Even the standby on my netbook works in MeeGo which did not work well in Windows 7. The password to resume from standby is meego.

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