Friday, January 25, 2008

Sat Nav Garmin Nuvi 250W

Bought this GPS. It comes with City Navigator Australia NT 2008 Map from Tele Atlas and SiRFstarIII 12 channels. The usage mode can be automobile, bicycle or pedestrian. TTS (Text To Speech) is not available. The wide screen size is 4.3" with 480x272 resolution. It includes Picture Viewer, Calculator, Currency Converter, Unit Converter and World Clock. The GPS Simulator can be turned on to check any route before going on the trip.

1) Check software version
Touch wrench > Settings > System > About
nuvi 250W
Software Version 2.90
Unit ID: 3360xxxxxx
Audio Version: 2.30
GPS SW Version: 3.00s

2) Check hardware version & perform diagnostics
Touch and hold battery icon for 7 secs
SW Ver 2.90 n2 S V4 256MB
RAM Pass
ROM Pass
Battery Ok Cap
Batt Capacity 48%
Temp 1 33deg C
Temp 2 100deg C
PCB P/N 105-01265-00
PCB Version 4

3) Hard reset (Delete all saved information)
  1. Turn off device.
  2. While holding a finger firmly on the lower right corner of the screen, turn on device.
  3. Continue pressing on the screen until a message appears.
  4. Follow the instructions to clear all user data.
4) Soft reset
Press the reset button on bottom of the screen.

5) Calibrate touch screen
  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press the power switch over into the on position and hold for 45 secs.
  3. You should see a message on the display that says 'Press Dot'
  4. Keep pressing the dot as it moves around the screen until the calibration is finished.
  5. Once this is complete, there will be a message that says "calibration complete".
6) Charge using AC power or USB port
  1. With the device off, plug it into the AC power or USB port. It will then power itself on.
  2. When it says "Loading Maps" on the bottom of the screen, press and hold the power button to turn it off. The screen will then say "Charging Battery. Slide the power key to turn it on".
7) See diagnostics information
  1. Go to the trip page
  2. When in the trip page hold your finger in the center circle (speed display) for about 5 seconds until it goes in diagnostics menu

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