Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Testing MapKing Map on Windows Mobile PDA with Bluetooth GPS

I have a Qtek 9100 PDA phone running Windows Mobile 5 and Holux GPSlim 240 bluetooth GPS. Going to test them with 3 days trial MapKing software.

  1. Download Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5
  2. Download MapKing 2007 Pocket PC Version V2007(build 0131) 16 Jan 2007 and country map or MapKing!G10 V10.2(1115) 15 Nov 2006 and country map. I prefer MapKing!G10 since it has newer map for Singapore. Singapore_PPC_Eng.m7a for MapKing 2007 (19 Dec 2006) or Singapore_PPC_Eng.G10 for MapKing!G10 (10 Apr 2007).
  3. Install ActiveSync 4.5 on PC and reboot.
  4. Connect PDA to PC & install MapKing on SD card.
  5. Copy country map eg Singapore_PPC_Eng.G10 to My Documents folder on SD card.
  6. Run MapKing
  7. Click Tools -> Open Map & select Singapore_PPC_Eng.G10. I use Mapking map as it provides POIs for post code or speed camera unlike Malsing map even though it has the latest update (1 July 2007 on MapKing website or 25 Dec 2007 on Malsing website).
  8. Click Tools -> Options -> Voice, change Instructor to Digital for TTS to work
  9. Turn on bluetooth for PDA and turn on GPS. Pair them by creating a new partnership. The passkey is 0000 and select serial port.
  10. Create a new outgoing port under COM Port and add it to the device Holux GPSlim240.
  11. In MapKing, click GPS. Tap anywhere and click Destination.
  12. You can choose destination via Recent, Favorites, Routing or Find (post code, street or building name).

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