Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eee PC 4G (701)

I bought two Eee PC 4G (701) for testing - one white (7A) and the other black (7B).

The white Eee PC is pre-loaded with BIOS 0204 and Rev 1.1 image (2007.10.07_04.33) whereas the black Eee PC is pre-loaded with BIOS 0401 and Rev 1.3 image (2007.10.19_13.01). The first thing I tested was internet browsing. My home Wifi network is encrypted using WPA2 Personal with AES/TKIP. I have no issues connecting to the internet using both Eee PCs except that you can't use any space in your passphrase. Both Eee PCs can reconnect to the wireless network automatically after shutdown or restart.
I chose the black Eee PC with the latest BIOS to install Windows XP Home Edition SP2 with an external DVD drive. During installation, I deleted all existing 4 partitions and formated the SSD with FAT32. It went smoothly and finished after 40 minutes.
I encountered problem with the white Eee PC. Sometimes, the touchpad is not working. In the end, I decided to update to the latest BIOS and latest image from the DVD of the black Eee PC. I am surprised that the restore took only 5 minutes.
I tested booting both Eee PCs at the same time. The white Eee PC running default Xandros Linux boots up faster but takes longer to get connected to the wireless network. So, in the end, both took almost the same time from startup to getting connected to the Internet.

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