Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checking Defective Pixels on LCD Screen

There are three types of pixel defects:
  1. Type 1 - a stuck bright white pixel which is constantly illuminated (Hot pixels - always on)
  2. Type 2 - a fixed black spot which is not illuminated in any way (Dead pixels - always off)
  3. Type 3 - a pixel which shows up as a fixed single colour (not black or white) (Stuck pixels - one or more sub-pixels are always on or always off)
To check dead pixel, you can download Dead Pixel Buddy or UD Pix. UD Pix also allows you to rejuvenate Type 1 and 3 faults by flashing colours across them rapidly. Both programs run on Windows OS only.
How do you check the LCD screens for Linux/Mac laptops? If these laptops have a built-in or external optical drive, you can still boot up from Ultimate Boot CD and run CHZ Monitor Test 1.01 to check.

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