Saturday, March 29, 2008

Windows Vista on Eee PC

After using Windows XP on my Eee PC for many months without any issues, I decided to install Windows Vista since Windows Vista SP1 has been released.
You need to use vlite to reduce the size of Vista otherwise you need 15Gb of free space to install. After removing the unnecessary components from Windows Vista Home Basic and creating a bootable DVD from the 535MB ISO image, you only need 3.8GB of free space to install.
Initially, I used a Sony DVD+RW disc but I removed the modem driver and my Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem did not work after Vista installation. So, I have to use vlite again to re-create the ISO image but Vista installation reported an error. After many attempts, I changed to a Verbatim DVD+R and it worked. I can only conclude that you can only use Sony DVD+RW disc only once to create a bootable ISO image.
The Vista installation only takes 30 minutes which is shorter than Windows XP which requires over an hour. The free space available after installation is 1.05GB from the initial 3.72GB SSD. As shown, Windows Experience Index shows 1.0. This is expected since Windows Aero is not supported on the Intel integrated graphics 915GMS of the Eee PC.

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