Monday, March 24, 2008

Installing PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe to USB Using Windows

As documented on February 20, 2008, the PCLinuxOS 2007 live CD does not work on Eee PC. It booted on Lenovo Z61t with no graphical interface. You can test PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe by installing on a USB flash drive with minimum 552MB of free space. But, it also gave the same results on Eee PC & Lenovo Z61t.

However, I can boot up PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe from my USB flash drive on Compaq TC1000 with support for the wired network adapter. I can surf the Internet using the Konqueror browser but there is no support for Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and flash.

The advantage of using a USB flash drive over the CD is that any changes can be made persistent.

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