Sunday, March 23, 2008

Norton AntiVirus 2008 with Antispyware

I installed this software and found the following:
  1. During installation, you need to enter a product key and the software will stop working in 15 days if it is not activated.
  2. Since I am using Sygate Personal Firewall, you need to turn off Internet Worm Protection so that Security Center in Control Panel will not complain of 2 firewalls.
  3. You need to allow NDIS as shown so that you can access Internet.
  4. The software shows Norton Antivirus Version and date of Protection Updates. It does not show a progress bar in percentage during live update so you won't know how long it will take. You also won't know what files are updated.
  5. The installation CD is bootable and it can boot to scan for virus but it supports FAT16 or FAT32 partitions only. The software can only be installed in Windows XP & Windows Vista. But if you format your drive with NTFS, you won't be able to boot up from the CD to remove the virus in the event that the virus causes your operating system to be unbootable.

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